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Submitted on
November 13, 2012
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Loki Memoirs 52

    Evening, Thor had taken me to his chambers to rest.  I still did not feel so well after being out in the cold in frost giant skin.  For some reason it made me weaken, perhaps I am just unable to control it.  Mother's magic did hide it from me for all of my youth so it would only make sense I would not be able to feel strongly with it upon me.  I did not think too much on it, I was more interested in the fact I could see again.  In order to do so though, I had to be in my frost giant skin.  A strange conundrum it was. "Thor, do you think if I remain cold I can see?" I had asked him to see what his thoughts were on it.  He was sitting in his armchair near the fireplace. "I think it is a possibility.  I rather you not become ill from the cold though," he told me in a warming manner.   "I see, I shall do what I can to remain safe within the palace," I shivered thinking of the snowstorm outside.  "Could you get me another blanket, please?" I politely asked him. "Of course," he stood from his chair and went to a closet pulling down another set of blankets.  I could hear him coming closer to me, "Here you are my love," he laid them over me and tucked it around me loosely.   "Thank you," I leaned forward hoping to catch his lips with mine.  He made up the distance for me so I needn't have to try too hard. "I will go get some dinner for us, mother and father will want me to stay at the dinner table but I will make my way back before they can dispute it," he kissed my forehead.  "Get some rest, I want you to feel better," he then walked to his door.  After it clicked closed I laid back in the bed, it was warm just like Thor.  I curled up in a ball, letting my mind relax.  All the events of the day had drained me quite a bit. Thor's proposal, my eyesight being able to return, my near loss of consciousness... it all seemed so exciting but exhausting.  Do not hear me wrong, I certainly welcome our marriage date, but there will be some time before the ceremony could be organized and I was hoping to be able see my husband at the altar. All of my thinking had tired me once again.  I had not noticed I had dozed off until I heard Thor's door click closed quietly.  Footsteps approached the bed and something metallic being placed on the night stand could be heard.  The weight of the bed shifted and I could feel a soft hand touch my cheek then my forehead. "I am awake," I spoke softly.   "You should be asleep brother.  You have a slight fever, you need the rest," he spoke out of concern. "I will be alright, your bed provides much comfort for me," I turned toward him yawning. "You are very tired, I can see you are resisting it.  Please, rest..." I could feel his fingers under my chin, trying to judge how tired I really was. "I will rest, but please do not worry so much," I curled back into a ball upon the bed and finally fell asleep.   Loki

*Note* I do not own Marvel or it's characters. Just a huge fan!
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